“We needed a transition to a new UK distributor and John found us a great new partner we might never have considered. He was very thorough and the whole thing went smoothly. He saved us a ton of Skype time, travelling and expense” Erik Olson – Portland Design Works

“One of the most organised sales reps I ever met”  Maurizio Bellin – FSA

“John was our first call when we were looking for advice on how to navigate the intricacies of the UK Cycling Market. His industry expertise and professionalism are unparalleled and I’d highly recommend him to any brand looking to dominate in the UK Market.” Austin Looper – KOM Cycling

“I think you helped us avoid a potentially horrible investment, you confirmed our skepticism about some of their strategy and gave us a much clearer understanding of the market place they operate in” Acquisitions ExecutiveEU based Equity Firm