1. Field Research – just the facts (Brand, Competitors, IP, Distribution, Pricing, Prospects, Market Size, Segmentation, Consumer Insight, Barrier to Entry etc)
  2. Fundamental Trends  – the long view of key trends and the likely winners and losers. Please see my articles for previous views on long term trends.
  3. KickStopper Report – I’ve seen dozens of stores, brands and products come to market only to sink without trace. I can help you avoid their mistakes by finding the pitfalls of market size, obsolescence, solutions-looking-for-problems, comparative advantage, consumer behavior etc etc. This report provides you with a look-before-you leap sanity check.
  4. Data Check – sense check and examine the data you have already acquired and/or identify where you may to purchase additional data from market research studies or industry organizations

I have provided independent research to an investment company looking to take a position on publicly traded shares in two global cycling businesses. I have also conducted research and analysis for private investors or investment capital companies seeking to invest in retail, distribution or brands with the cycle sector.

I can’t give advice on whether you should invest. I can provide data and interpretation to help you make a more informed choice.


  1. Find a UK Distributor – shortlist, compliments & conflicts & culture, introduction & negotiation
  2. Find UK Agents – a simple introduction service, sometimes consolidating multiple brands
  3. Explore the Market – market size, competitors, key retailers, barriers to entry – strategy
  4. Mystery Shopper – find out what stores really think of your brand & competitors
  5. Create a UK Distribution Plan – IBDs, direct, online players, multiples – the right mix for you
  • Exclusive Distribution
  • Non Exclusive Distribution
  • Direct to IBD (Agents)
  • Direct to Multiples
  • Direct to Online Sector
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Click and Collect
  • Omnichannel

Note 1. LOCATION: I am located within 1-2 hours of Gatwick & Heathrow. I can travel with you and/or arrange travel within the rest of the UK.

Note2. EU DISTRIBUTION: I have some experience and connections in finding EU distributors, although you may prefer to contact an EU based specialist where I can make introductions.

Note 3. CONFLICTS AND EXCLUDED CATEGORIES: Due to my work with Orbea I cannot offer my consultancy services if you are a competitor bicycle brand.


  1. Help me exit a brand – finding an alternative suitable partner for a rapid/smooth exit of stock and warranty commitments
  2. Help me acquire a brand – register your interest/details with me to be kept informed of new brands wanting to enter the UK market


Is your store thriving? Is it making you enough profit? If not, you may want to engage me to look at your front-of-house selling. I can help you improve everything in your consumers journey. From their first interaction with your website, to finding you, their first impressions at the front door. How they feel when they enter the store, how they navigate and how well your staff relate to them. I can help boost your sales with incremental quick and easy wins – as well as outlining any more fundamental issues.

With a fixed cost of operating, your quickest route to profit is to maximise your sales with what you have. I can help you do that.

  1. A-Z Store Check – this report gives an extremely detailed look at your store using “all the corporate tricks”. It spots things that are hard to see when you are “in the thick of it”. It draws on over 10 years’ experience visiting over 600 stores of all shapes and sizes. Key parts of the store are photographed for before/after visualisations. A copy of your floor-plan is requested. New layouts, merchandising and “internet proofing” options are tailored to you. Recommendations are personalised and prioritised into must do’s, nice-to-haves and blue skies. Key Techniques are included from (‘* Phil Barden ‘** Paco Underhill ‘*** Harvard Web Proofing Technique **** Cranfield R2M Logistics Method ***** The WHS Test)
  2. New Store/Branch – I am an expert in the geography of the South East UK and have seen many stores come and go. If you are thinking of opening a new branch or store anywhere in the South East you’d be wise to get a second opinion first. Especially if your life savings or redundancy cheque are going into it. I can’t guarantee you’ll be successful, but I’ll certainly advise you if I think the area/store mix won’t work.
  3. Sales Training – 1:1 coaching for sales floor staff. I offer a Basics course for new staff or those wishing to refresh their skills (classic Needs Based Selling). I also offer an Advanced course (looking at modern shopper profiling, show-roomers, subliminal influencing etc). Each course takes 1-2 hours per person.


All enquiries and projects are dealt with on a confidential basis with NDA where required.